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    Plant Capacity: 10,000 M3/Day (Ten thousand cubic meters) of Drinking water. 

    Phase ( Ⅰ ): 5,000 M3/Day (five thousand cubic meters) of Drinking Water.

    Location: Taba - South Siani - Egypt.

    Started: August 2021.

    Operation: March 2023.,

    The Egyptian government has appointed TAM Environmental Services (TES), a market leader in the Egyptian water desalination and sewage treatment market and global provider of total intelligent water management and alternative energy solutions, to build a desalination plant in Taba (South Siani) following a competitive bid.

    Taba is a strategic area, and such project will play a key role in creating a more sustainable community around the area along with many positive impacts as it becomes a benchmark project.

    TAM Environmental Services (TES) will leverage its expertise to construct, operate, and manage the major desalination plant project.

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